How can we help you?

In partnership with Equis Financial, we offer the following products & services to accommodate your financial and healthcare needs:

➙ Medicare Advantage & Supplement Plans

➙ Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) Coverage

➙ Fixed Benefit Policies

➙ Hospital Indemnity Plans

➙ Financial Protection from Critical Illness

➙ Medication Reimbursement Programs

➙ Accident Plans

➙ Dental, Vision, & Hearing Insurance

➙ Short & Long Term Home Health Care

➙ Assistance with Applying for Medicaid & “Extra Help” with Prescription Costs

➙ Navigation to Community Resources

➙ Life Insurance with Living Benefits

➙ Term Life Policies

➙ Whole Life Policies

➙ Index Universal Life Insurance

➙ Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

➙ Annuities

➙ Retirement Planning

➙ Mortgage Protection & Debt Relief Programs

➙ Return of Premium Life Insurance

➙ Social Security Disability Advocacy

➙ Food, Housing, Transportation, Education, Employment

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